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The November issue of our newsletter is dedicated to the introduction of new products available at DIARECT:

  • Sm antigens
  • Borrelia sp. antigens
  • TMB Enhanced One Component HRP Membrane Substrate   
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The DIARECT team

Sm antigens now available at DIARECT

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an autoimmune disease characterized by immune dysregulation that results in the production of antinuclear antibodies, generation of circulating immune complexes, and activation of the complement system.

Anti-Sm antibodies are highly specific for SLE and are therefore recorded in the classification criteria of the American College of Rheumatology. Anti-Sm antibodies are found in 5 – 30% of patients with SLE, the frequency varying on the detection system and the selection criteria for study cohorts. Also, a racial difference in the incidence of anti-Sm antibodies has been shown.

The Sm antigen is part of the spliceosomal complex catalyzing the splicing of nuclear pre-mRNA. Each spliceosome snRNP consists of snRNAs (U1, U2, U4/U6, and U5) bound to a unique set of proteins as well as a shared set of seven different Sm proteins with molecular weights between 9 and 29.5 kDa (typically SmB/SmB’, SmD1, SmD2, SmD3, SmE, SmF, SmG). Most frequently the SmB and SmD polypeptides are targets of the anti-Sm specific autoimmune response, of which SmD is regarded the most SLE-specific Sm antigen.
Besides the recombinant SmD proteins (SmD1 and SmD3 symmetrically dimethylated at arginine residues) DIARECT now offers a non bovine Sm antigen (non recombinant), samples of which are available for evaluation!


Sm antigens now available at DIARECT

系统性红斑狼疮(Systemic Lupus Erythematosus; SLE)是一种以免疫调节障碍为特征的自身免疫性疾病,会引起抗核抗体的产生、循环免疫复合物的再生,并且能激活补体系统。
        抗Sm抗体是系统性红斑狼疮高特异性抗体,已记录于美国风湿病学院分类标准中。抗Sm抗体出现于5-30%的SLE患者中,这种差异取决于检测系统和针对 群组研究所选择的标准。研究同样指出抗Sm抗体的发病率存在种族差异。
        Sm抗原是剪接复合物的一部分,并催化核前体mRNA的剪接。每个剪接体snRNP包含snRNAs (U1, U2, U4/U6和U5)和一个独特的连接蛋白组,以及一个由7个不同的Sm组成的共享蛋白(SmB/SmB', SmD1, SmD2, SmD3, SmE, SmF和SmG),分子量分别是9到29,5kDa之间。SmB和SmD多肽是最常见的抗Sm特异性自身免疫应答标靶,其中SmD被看作是主要的SLE特 异性的Sm抗原。



Borrelia sp. antigens

Lyme disease is a multisystemic infectious disease caused by Borrelia species. In the United States Borrelia burgdorferi is the main cause of Lyme disease, in Europe the most dominant species are Borrelia afzelii and Borrelia garinii. Another, even though relatively rare species is Borrelia spielmanii.
Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease in the Northern Hemisphere. Borrelia is transmitted by the bite of infected ticks from the genus Ixodes. The various clinical manifestations in early disease stage include flu-like symptoms and a characteristic circular skin rash called erythema migrans. Left untreated, the disease is characterized by chronic infection of the joints, heart, and central nervous system. Delayed or inadequate treatment can lead to the serious late manifestations, which can be disabling and difficult to treat.

DIARECT now offers a variety of recombinant Borrelia sp. antigens:

Borrelia antigens

Our MEDICA offer: Introductory rebate
Order any of the recombinant Borrelia sp. antigens before November 30, 2011 and receive a 30% discount!


PBC related antigens

       原发性胆汁性肝硬化(Primary Biliary Cirrhosis; PBC)是一种进行性、慢性胆汁淤积性肝脏疾病,多见于中年女性,并无种族差异。该病病程缓慢,可持续数十年,是一种典型的自身免疫性疾病。PBC在组织 学上表现为肝内小胆管损伤,肝纤维化,最终导致肝硬化。
        抗线粒体抗体(anti-mitochondrial antibodies; AMA)已成为PBC临床诊断的重要血清学指标,阳性率高达90%以上。但总有大约10%的PBC患者AMA呈阴性。抗gp210和sp100抗体可作为 有效的生物诊断标志,尤其对AMA阴性的PBC患者来说(Hu, CJ. et al.)。
        间接免疫荧光图谱显示gp210和Nup62属于核膜型,Sp100属于多点分布型。gp210是一种分子量为210kDa的跨膜糖蛋白,与核膜一起参与 核孔复合体的粘附,除此之外,它还在真核细胞的核孔复合体转运调节功能中扮演着重要角色。Sp100是一种具有转录调节功能的核蛋白,分子量为 54kDa。与间接免疫荧光法检测多核点抗核抗体相比,肝病患者抗Sp100抗体的血清学检测表现了更强的敏感性,针对PBC的特异性更好。
        除了抗gp210的反应外,Wesierska-Gadek, J.等描述了在PBC患者血清中另外一个反应强烈的60kDa蛋白-核孔蛋白p62(Nup62),顾名思义它是核孔复合物(nuclear pore complex; NPC) 的组成部分,调节具有核定位信号的蛋白进入细胞核,间接免疫荧光图谱显示Nup62也是核膜型。在几位M2阴性的PBC患者血清中,间接免疫荧光图谱展示 了Nup62呈阳性。
        许多研究证明抗核抗体(ANA)也是PBC的诊断标志,例如:CENP, Ro/SS-A等。检测其它自身抗体可以对自身免疫性肝病的鉴别,合并自身免疫性疾病的确认有所帮助。Diarect公司提供以上所有与PBC诊断相关的 重组人源抗原。
Hu, CJ., Deng, CW., Zhang, W. et al. (2011) Prevalence of Autoimmune Liver Disease Related Autoantibodies in Chinese Patients with Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, Dig Dis Sci56, 3357-63
Wesierska-Gadek, J., Klima, A., Komina, O. et al. (2007) Characterization of autoantibodies against components of the nuclear pore complexes, Ann NY Acad Sc 1109, 519-30

PBC related antigens



BioFX TMB Enhanced One Component HRP Membrane Substrate
We are pleased to introduce BioFX® TMB Enhanced One Component HRP Membrane Substrate, the newest member of SurModics IVD’s BioFX family of quality immunodiagnostic substrates:
Features of BioFX® TMB Enhanced HRP Membrane Substrate (Product Code ESPM)
  • Room temperature stability for 2 years
  • Stable for 4 years at 4°C
  • One-component formulation - ready to use with no mixing
  • Similar sensitivity to most mid- to high-level chemiluminescent membrane substrates without the costly equipment needed for detection
  • Extended dynamic range with reduction of wash out at higher peroxidase concentrations

Free of charge evaluation samples available! Please inquire!


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