Company Overview

The Quality League of Immunodiagnostic Components

Established in 1998, DIARECT AG is a privately owned biotech company with expertise in developing and establishing standardized large-scale productions of both recombinant and native proteins, including their worldwide distribution. Providing customers with products and services of consistent quality is one of the cornerstones of DIARECT’s business philosophy.

DIARECT is not only a leading manufacturer of autoimmune and infectious disease antigens, but also of recombinant allergens. In additon, DIARECT is the exclusive distributor of Surmodics in Europe. With Surmodics' protein stabilization reagents, blockers and BioFX substrates, DIARECT is able to provide most of the critical components for the development of diagnostic end products.

Research & Development
Since its founding, DIARECT has been involved in numerous innovative immunodiagnostic assay developments:

  • First thyroid peroxidase antibody test system, based on recombinant TPO
  • First ANA/ENA profile and screening assay, utilizing several recombinant proteins
  • Most complete panel of recombinant Borreliella and Yersinia spp. antigens
  • Introduction of symmetrically dimethylated recombinant SmD proteins
  • Supply of infrequent antigens, e.g. EJ, KS, MDA5, TIF1 gamma
  • Production of recombinant allergens for component resolved diagnostics

Driven by the commitment to further expand its range of products, DIARECT will strive to continue the development of new antigens in the years to come.

Manufacturing Experience
With more than 15 years of experience in the production of immunoassays, DIARECT has identified that test performances directly correlate with a sophisticated assay development process and high-quality components. In order to minimize variances during manufacturing processes all components need to be available in sufficient amounts and reproducible qualities. The production of lots of large sizes and lot-to-lot consistency is DIARECT’s expertise.

Innovation is the creative result of basic and applied research. In order to generate superior product performance, DIARECT endeavors to combine intensive first-class research experience with formative years of practical experience in immunodiagnostic manufacturing.

Committed to Clinical Science
Aiming to enhance assay performance, DIARECT provides superior components for an improved level of assay quality. This concept includes the support of immunologists worldwide, scientific collaborations, and an ongoing academic involvement