Ordering Information

Orders may be placed with us by telephone, in writing (email, fax) and are deemed accepted by us following written confirmation.

Bötzinger Straße 29 B
79111 Freiburg
Tel.  +49 761 47979-0
Fax  +49 761 47979-29

When placing an order, please include shipping and billing address.
For orders within the EU, please indicate your VAT identification number.

General Terms of Business
Our general Terms and Conditions of Sale and Purchase apply to all contracts concluded with DIARECT AG as well as to purchase orders, deliveries and services supplied by same.
Follow these links to view our General Terms and Conditions of Sale (English), General Terms and Conditions of Purchase (English) or Verkaufsbedingungen (Deutsch).


Terms of payment: net payment due within 30 days of invoice date (unless otherwise agreed).
Method of payment: wire transfer. Payments by check or credit card will not be accepted.